How to Replace Brake Light Bulbs on a Kia Optima?


A brake light bulb is an important warning device which is to warn vehicles of a sudden stop or reduce in speed. To replace brake light bulbs on a KIA Optima, one must first acquire the bulbs needed. Remove the old bulbs then replace it with a new one making sure it is fitted properly.
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1. Open up the trunk to access the brake light. Remove any carpet panels out of the way. 2. Use a screwdriver to loosen and remove the screws holding the brake light panel in place.
If you have a broken light bulb and need to get it out of the socket in order to put in a new one, use a potato. Jam the spud into the socket so that the broken pieces of the bulb
Hi open the boot where the light cluster is there will be a panel covering the rear lights remove this, then you should be able to see the back of the light cluster, the plastic tray
There is a panel on each side of the inside of the trunk. Pop the cover off on the side you need to change the bulb. On the center of the back of the tail light assembly, there are
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Normally the brake light bulb can be reached through the trunk of the car. The lights are usually located underneath the floor matting along side of the back of ...
1. Open the rear lift gate to reveal the tail light mounting screws. Remove the screws in a counterclockwise direction with a Philips screwdriver. Place the screws ...
How to replace the bulb(s) on a 'Fiat Bravo 08 plate. 120 hp dynamic model. 1) Remove two visible socket head with cross head screws from the rear back light assembly ...
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