How does one replace a fuse box with a breaker box?


To replace a fuse box with circuit breakers, first disconnect and remove the original fuse box. Then install the circuit breakers based on the instructions provided with the set that you purchased.
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Your first consideration must be your own safety and the safety of anyone working with you. If you have no experience working with electricity, this task is better left to a professional
This project is a service upgrade and requires a permit and inspections. In the central United States where I live, you might get it for $800 but don't be surprised if it costs $1200
1 Go to an indoor area of your residence away from the main traffic flow. Your box should be located in an easily accessible area, usually a utility area. The fuse box or breaker
you will need a electrician, check the yellow pages, call one, Source(s) old timer.
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Replacing a Fuse Box With a Breaker Box
Find out how what level of electrical service the house has. If the house only has 60-amp service, the service will have to be increased to at least 100 amps to comply with code. You will need to hire an electrician to do at least some of the work; use... More »
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