How to Replace a Lost High School Equivalency Diploma?


To replace a lost High School Equivalency Diploma, the educational institute that administered that diploma is to be contacted. They will have details such as serial number and other information. Fill out the form that confirms identity and other details. The fee is submitted and the documents are mailed. The transcript is posted.
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Not having a physical copy of your high school diploma won't keep you from getting a job or from getting accepted to another school. A diploma isn't considered an official document.
To request a copy of your high school diploma, earned at a public school in Texas, you must first request a copy of your high school transcript from Inactive Records - each school
A high school diploma is important because it can literally be the difference between a life of comfort and a life of grinding poverty. High school graduates earn hundreds of thousands
A high school diploma is something that you earn by spending enough credit hours at a high school and a GED is a test that you take that is based on what you would learn in school
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If you have lost your high school diploma, you can contact your high school to have a new one sent. The high school may require letter or a form requesting a certified ...
1. Visit the website of the city or county school system where you graduated from high school. In the "Search" box on the school system's home page, ...
Every student is given a diploma upon graduating from high school, but sometimes, that diploma is lost or destroyed and the student needs a new one. If you have ...
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