Where can you buy a replacement top for a patio table?


Replacement top for patio table can either be acrylic or glass. To replace glass patio table tops, find out if your table's design can allow you to install an alternative top, determine the size requirements of the top, remove the table rim, set the table top in the frame, and finally reinstall the rim.
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1. Save a sample of the broken glass along the edge of the table when possible. Place the glass sample in a Ziploc bag. The glass will inform the glass store of the color, thickness
Check out in amazon.
Try- Tropic Aire Patio Gallery? 1404 Charleston Hwy West
Good Luck. We had a wind storm and same thing happened to our 7 year old glass table. Couldnt find no one to replace the glass we had to go spend $ on a new one.
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