How do you replace toilet tank bolts?


For Dummies offers a how to tutorial on how to go about replacing toilet tank bolts. Step one is to turn off the water shutoff at the base of the toilet. It is usually on the wall behind the toilet or on the floor. Turn it clockwise to prevent water spillage. Drain the tank completely. Flush the tank. Use a sponge to absorb any remaining water. Use a screwdriver to unscrew the bolts. Hold the bolt on the opposite side with a wrench to prevent it from spinning.
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1. Turn off the water supply to the toilet tank. The water supply usually connects to the bottom of the tank. 2. Remove the lid from the top of the tank and set it off to the side
They are called tank bolts.
If the bolts just came out you may have a broken flange.Clean all the wax off and check the flange,if it is ok then just buy a new bolt set or use the old ones.Make sure you get a
You can replace your toilet tank bolts when the toilet seems to be leaking or unstable at the bottom when in use. This task is moderately difficult because it requires precision when
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Replacing the Tank Bolts on a Toilet
If you need to replace the tank bolts in your toilet because of a rusty bolt or corroded washer, learn how in this free online home improvement and DIY home repair video.... More »
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