Repo Boats for Sale?


There are some places that do sale repo boats to the public. Many times the boat dealership or bank that repo'd the boat will hold monthly auctions to sale the boats. Many times a person can contact banks or boat companies and ask if they have any reposessed boats for sale. There are some online sites that claim to sale repo's boats such as RepoDirect and Boat Auctions. Always be careful when purchasing online, and check the company out with the BBC before giving out your bank information.
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How to Purchase Repossessed Objects
Someone else's loss is your gain when you buy repossessed objects at an auction.... More »
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If you're looking for a used boat, you can often find them at marinas, through private yacht brokers, or even through classified ads in the newspaper.
1. Search the local classified advertisements and legal notices in the newspaper. Some auction companies list regular ads with the date, time and location of their auctions. Most
The pole on a sailboat is called the mast.
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