Repo Mobile Homes for Sale?


There are several places where someone can purchase repo mobile homes. Several online websites hold monthly auctions for repossessed mobile homes. The purchaser will have to pay to have the mobile home transported. The cost of transportation for a mobile home could reach thousands of dollars if moved a very long way. Sometimes banks and mobile home dealers will auction of reposessed mobile homes to the public. Contact local banks and mobile home dealers in the local area to find out about upcoming auctions or sales.
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1. Purchase land for the mobile home. Research local zoning laws to determine the best area to purchase land. Visit websites dealing with county planning, urban planning or real estate
Find mobile homes for sale by driving through mobile home courts and looking for sale signs. You can also look in the classified of your local newspaper for listings.
It is necessary for banks to repossess mobile homes if the owners cannot pay the mortgage. Often banks will sell these repossessed homes for a cheaper price because they need to get
There are many good deals on mobile homes in Arkansas. In Conway,
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