Report Card Comments for Preschool?


Preschool kids are just learning structured learning. Teachers should concentrate comments on report cards for such things as motor skills and social development. Learning is still being developed at this age. Be sure to mention strengths as well as the child's weaknesses while keeping in mind the child's age.
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1. Create a section on the top of the report card for writing the student's name and the year. Include the school's name, the teacher's name or even a class slogan if you wish. 2.
Well . appropraite comments of course!
The link provided looks good, although it's primarily fine motor. Since you also have kindergarten you'd want to think of academic goals too. I found this link with info about assessing
Report card comments have come a long way from the days when all parents were told was that Johnny wasn't working to his potential or Jane needed to try harder. Today's teachers work
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Pre-School report cards are generally very simple. They cover things like the child's ability to follow directions, good social interactions with the other children ...
Preschool report cards are often a reflection of how they are doing in the class overall. To make preschool report cards, put the child's name, teacher, and school ...
As of January 2013 there are a few places where one can find printable report cards for preschool. One can find these report cards at National School Forms, Just ...
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