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A representative government is a form of democracy established on the principle of a group of people being represented by elected people. Such a government is made up of representatives.
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system of government in which voters elect representatives to
The concept of representative government is as old as the practice of people gathering in groups. Citizens of a representative government have a voice in selecting those who command
The President, Supreme Court justices, Senators, Representatives and others.
The Legislative branch, the house of reps(congress) & the senate. Supreme Court is the judicial branch. Executive branch is the presidency.
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a person or thing that represents another or others.
an agent or deputy: a legal representative.
a person who represents a constituency or community in a legislative body, especially a member of the U.S. House of Representatives or a lower house in certain state legislatures.
a typical example or specimen of a group, quality, or kind.
serving to represent; representing.
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