Reptile Heart?


Reptiles hearts have two atrias and a partially divided ventricle. It is thus dubbed a three-chambered heart. This results in partial mixing of deoxygenated and oxygenated blood as they meet in the ventricle.
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There are three chambers in a reptile heart. Crocodilians are Reptiles and they have four chambered hearts. It is debatable wether there are three or four, but for most it is 3.
Crocodiles have a four chambered heart. The crocodile is the lone exception
Both mammal hearts and reptile hearts have two atria, and they both have a pulmonary artery on the left, and the aorta on the right. The pulmonary artery carries de-oxygenated blood
I'm sorry that I took so long...I had other things to do.... Heart size is proportional to body size in all classes of vertebrates except birds where it is proportionally smaller
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Reptiles have a unique three chamber arrangement. The non-archosaur's reptile three chambered heart consists of a two chambered atrium and a partly divided ventricle ...
Reptiles can be said to have either three or four chambers in their hearts. The three chambers, if that is the description you use, are the aorta, pulmonary artery ...
All reptiles have a three-chambered heart consisted of one atria and two ventricles. Generally, the blood is pumped into the heart to the right atrium which then ...
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