Reptile Respiratory System?


The reptile respiratory system is very different in structure to mammals. Reptiles have developed directly from water creatures, and have special respiratory systems to compensate. Different reptiles have different respiratory structures, although all have similarities.
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Reptile respiratory system is similar to ours, they have lungs, heart, nasal passages and circulatory system like we do. In the case of snakes the lungs are very long and staggered
Part land animals, part water creatures, reptiles have developed unique respiratory systems. All reptiles use lungs to breathe, even when they have gills or permeable skin according
Most reptiles breathe by changing the volume of the body cavity.By
The respiratory system is the system that helps a person breathe. With out the system the heart will fail and the body will go "flat lined".
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All reptiles breathe through their lungs. Despite lacking a diaphragm muscle, reptiles have a diaphragm-type respiratory system and the act of breathing is accomplished ...
Respiratory means pertaining to the breathing system mechanism. Your respiratory system is responsible for supplying oxygen to our body. Our respiratory systems ...
ll of them are diferent, it depends what reptile. ...
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