Republic Act 1425?


Republic Act 1425 is also called Rizal Law in the Philippines. It is a law which orders all schools to include the life of Rizal and his books in their school curriculum. Jose Rizal is the national hero of the Philippines.
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Republic Act 1425 was passed in 1956 by the Philippine legislature that would include in all high school and college curricula a course in the study of Jose Rizal's life, works and
Just in the year 1956, to be exact, on June 12 (the anniversary of the declaration of independence) the parliament in Manila passes a law (Republic Act Number 1425) which decreed
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Republic Act 7877 made sexual harasssment as a crime punishable under the following situations: 1. When a superior asked for sexual favors on his subordinates in exchange for promotion
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The Republic Act 1425 of the Philippines is also known as the Rizal Law. It is a law that mandates all school institutions to offer the Jose Rizal curriculum. ...
The Republic Act No. 1425 also known as the Rizal Law, mandates that all schools in the Philippines will offer classes about the life, work, and writings of Jose ...
The Rizal law is a law in the Phillippines, also known as the Republican Act No. 1425. It demands that education courses about Jose Rizal be offered in all of ...
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