Republique Francaise Coins?


The Republique Francaise coins were in circulation for many years. There are several of these coins that are highly collectible. Some of the coin from the early 1900's are worth a lot of money if found in good condition. The coins have a woman on the front with longish hair. On the back of the coin is a woman and a child. The coins minted before 1911 are more collectible. There are also many of these coins that have been faked over the years.
Q&A Related to "Republique Francaise Coins?"
More information is needed because all that says is that the coin was issued by one of the 5 different republican governments that France has had over the last two centuries. Please
I was only able to locate a seller that is selling a 1978
Hi Roger, Collector value of a coin depends on denomination, date, mint mark (if any) number minted and condition of a coin, including amount of wear (grade) any dents, scratches
We have to know the denomination (unit of currency) Condition is the key factor in value, and most people don't know how to give an accurate grade, so the best we can do is give low
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