Requirements to Connect to the Internet?


To have an Internet connection, you need a working phone line. Plus, you also need a wired or wireless router. You also need to sign up with an Internet Service Provider.
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A PC or laptop, a modem or router ( routher for broadband connection) and an ISP ( Internet service provider) and a telephone line.
Wi-Fi networks allow users to connect to the Internet while traveling. Wi-Fi networks are also available in the home, so users can move a laptop or a desktop around the house without
Setting up an Internet connection requires three basic pieces of hardware: a computer, a modem and a network card. The modem deciphers the information that comes through the cable
For a DSL connection you will need a standard phone line and a modem.
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You can connect to the internet without a phone line. You can do this by buying an only Internet service from your provider. This service does not require telephone ...
Internet disconnectivity is caused by a number of reasons such as, the change of default gateway address at the ISP, the radio interface with the wireless signal ...
For a broadband connection such as Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) or cable, you need a DSL or cable modem. This is usually included as part of the start-up hardware ...
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