Research on Obesity?


There are several studies and research that has been done on the obesity topic. The main researchers for obesity is the NIH Obesity Research Task Force. They are dedicated to help find a way to stop the obesity in children and adults. Obesity is a major health issue that must be addressed and taken care to help people live longer lives. The NIH Obesity Research task Force has an official website where they publish all of their findings.
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1) It's really really hard to estimate how much is spent on research, for several reasons. Regardless of therapeutic area, R&D spend numbers broken down by disease are generally
Researchers at UC Davis are studying how genes influence the amount of arachidonic acid (a fatty acid important in the synthesis of prostaglandins in the body) in the liver and muscle
Behavioral research is needed to learn more about consumer dietary behavior and attitudes toward weight management. It is also important in understanding how current food labeling
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How about "Obesity". ...
How about "Obesity". ...
How about "Obesity". ...
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