How do you reset the ABS warning light on a 1996 GMC Sierra?


In order to reset the ABS warning light on the 1996 GSM Sierra, you need to remove the fuse then put it back in. Usually, this does the trick. Alternatively, you could disconnect and reconnect the battery or change the connection. If the issue is the ABS system itself, then get it repaired.
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Connect to a code reader and reset usually at autozone or dealer..
Bring to a shop that has an ABS scanner to see if there is a problem - if not have codes cleared. Often rebooting the computer by turning the ignition off then on several times will
1. Pull the hood release lever inside your car. Open the hood. 2. Disconnect the battery cables using an adjustable wrench. 3. Turn on the headlights or press the horn button to drain
1 First, take out your driver's manual and find out whether your vehicle has a fully or semi-computerized system. 2 If it is a fully computerized, then you cannot reset it because
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