Reset Check Engine Light Dodge?


You can reset the check engine light on a Dodge Dakota yourself. To reset the check engine light in a Dodge Dakota you disconnect the negative battery cable and turn the key to the on position for 30 seconds, reconnect cable. When you reset the check engine light it resets the computer.
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1. Open the fuse panel cover under the Caravan's steering wheel. Turn the knob on the front of the fuse panel cover and pull the cover down. 2. Locate the open port on the fuse panel
Fix the cause, use a scan tool, or unhook the battery.
1. Connect the scanner to the on-board diagnostic connector (OBD-II) under your steering column. Turn your ignition switch to "On. Ad. 2. Press the "Read" button on
The only way to reset a Check engine light on a car
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A person can reset the check engine light on the Dodge Neon by removing the clamp from the battery terminal. The Dodge Neon check engine light also requires reconnecting ...
A check engine light on a Honda needs to be reset with an engine diagnostic tool, or code reader. Plug the tool in the reader port. After the initial scan you ...
Your Dodge Ram check engine light can go on for a variety of reasons. Code P0404 is for Exhaust Gas Recirculation 'A' Control Circuit Range/Performance or EGR ...
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