Reset Motorola Digital Cable Box?


To reset a Motorola digital cable box, turn off the box while the TV is turned on. Then press the menu button on the remote control to bring up the user settings menu. You can then reset the box to the default settings.
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1. Turn off the Motorola set-top box while leaving the TV turned on, then immediately press the “Menu” button on the remote. The User Settings menu will now show up on
on the back of most cable boxes, modems, routers, and various other electronics, there is a small pinhole sized button that is placed in behind a small hole in the back of the box
There are a number of Motorola cable boxes. Use the link to see if yours is there and find some codes.
Check with customer support
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How to Reset a Motorola Digital Cable Box
Motorola manufacturers a large number of cable set-top boxes that cable companies can purchase and give or resell to their subscribers. The boxes allow settings like sound levels, picture resolution and closed captioning to be manipulated by the end... More »
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