Resolution for Deceased Classmate?


A resolution for a deceased classmate can be a hard thing to prepare and then give. A resolution should be given by you only if you are asked. It is okay to cry or be emotional. The best thing to write about is the qualities of the classmate. Give an example or a story that the two of you shared that will be a great memory. Do not worry about a time limit. Take as long as you need.
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1. Contact your former school to see if the school has any information about the classmates and their families. Inquire about their last known address. The alumni association at many
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Members of the Online Community can view the In Memoriam page which lists deceased alumni by class.
There are many sample eulogies on the internet. Here is one I found for a mother:…. Here is the index of that site:
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There are several different ways to find deceased classmates. One way is to use public search engines and search public records for the classmates. ...
To find deceased classmates, you need to contact your former school and see if the school has any information about them. You can extend and ask about their families ...
There are many things that can be done in tributes of deceased classmates. Staying involved in working on a positive, common goal helps people to feel connected. ...
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