How Do Sea Anemones Respire?


Sean anemones respire through the tiny pores on their bodies. As water flows towards them, the pores capture the oxygen dissolved similar to what the gills of the fish do in order to breathe.
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All living cells undergo some form of cellular respiration (in order to get energy into a usable form). If you mean do they "breathe" then in a manner of speaking yes. They
Sea anemones usually eat other fish and other fish try to stay away, but animals like sea turtles and sea slugs love to feast on juicy anemones. To find more information click here:
1. Research the different types of sea anemone. Choose one that has a good track record of survival in captivity and likes warm water. Learn what degree of salinity it needs in its
The Sea Anemone are described as a beautifully purple sea preditor with venom filled tentacles. They are also known to have cylindrical bodies that are composed of an adhesive pedal
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