Rest in Peace Quotes?


There are a lot of Rest in Peace quotes. Many people will use a bible verse or a part of a song that reminds them of the individual who has passed away. These quotes are sometimes said at a funeral or engraved in the headstone.
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Here is a rest in peace quote: "Gone but not forgotten, always in our thoughts. Rest
you can shed tears that his gone. or you can smile because hes lived. you can close your eyes and see all the good hes left behind. your heart can be empty because you cant see him.
1. Load the image of the deceased person onto your computer, along with an image you would like to use as the background image, such as a sky or the ocean. 2. Click on the shortcut
A good history of the phrase "Rest in Peace" (which comes from the Latin "Requiescat in pace" from the Catholic burial mass) can be found on wikipedia: http://
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