How do you restore antique mirrors?


Restoring old mirrors can be as easy as a good cleaning. If the cleaning doesn't work one may need to refinish the frame. There are many resilvering processes to be selected from.
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1. Remove the mirror from any frame it may be in. Use a screwdriver to carefully remove the mirror from the back of the frame. Make sure to wear gloves to avoid cutting yourself on
1. Rip out any old or rotten wood. Use a prybar and place the end underneath the step, between the supports. Pull upward to loosen the board. Keep prying until it comes up. 2. Check
1. Obtain any necessary permits from your local jurisdictions. You don't want to spend the money to do work and then have to undo what you have done because you didn't get permits
1. Brush off the surface of the glass with a soft-bristled paint brush. This will remove bits of sand and grit that can scratch and etch the glass if they aren't removed before washing
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How to Restore Old Mirrors
Old mirrors can often show signs of age through loss of silver or other wear and tear on the frame of the mirror. However, finding a good mirror is not always easy, and restoring an old mirror can save you some money. Many people also grow attached to... More »
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