How do you restore shine to marble?


The steps to restoring the shine to a marble surface can depend on whether it is solid marble or cultured marble. Most surfaces that contain marble are cultured. This can be restored with or without sanding. The surface should be sanded with a 1000-grit type of sandpaper. Using this scrub the surface without getting too deep. Wipe down the surface with water and make sure to dry it. Then take a medium cut cleaner to buff the surface.
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1. Sweep with a broom or dust mop to remove all dust and debris. Do not use a vacuum cleaner, which can damage the surface. 2. Pour a pH neutral cleaning solution onto the marble
This needs to be professionally done. At a minimum you need it buffed and polished ,but you may have to have the area ground and then buffed and polished. This of coarse if its a
1. Prepare the floor for flattening. This part of restoration is the most powerful and dynamic. It's lippage removal or flattening. It step consist of grinding and leveling floor.
1. Wet sand the countertop with 1000-grit sand paper
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To make marble shine polish it with a commercial polish. Apply the polish and then buff with a dry microfiber cloth. The marble should be cleaned with plain water ...
Refinish cultured marble by using automotive finishing compound. Spread the compound over the marble surface, and allow it to dry to a haze. Using 1,000-grit sandpaper ...
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