How to List Stay-at-Home Mom on a Resume?


When you are a Stay-at-Home mom and you want to go back to work, it may be hard figuring out how to list that on your resume. You can list the different skills you learned as a Stay-at-Home mom, such as organizational skill and time management. If you are good at fixing things, you can list that as well. Use words that make the skills sound more professional, such as 'experience managing groups of children' or 'performed equipment repairs.' Apply the different skills you have to the job you are applying for.
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1. List skills required for the job you are applying for, including both general and specific skills that employers might value for that job. List skills such as working with people
The term 'Homemaker' is acceptable. Be sure to describe the duties that you performed as the profession they are. I know that you love your kids and nurture and care for them, but
Honestly, I was in this exact boat a couple years ago. Nobody would hire me because I'd spent 6 years at home and had no degree. At 39, I went back to school, finished my AA and transferred
You have done work It was unpaid volunteer work. It also appears that you have run a household and taken care of children. If that is true you have used and developed skills. As a
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To write a resume after being a stay at home mom can be quite challenging however it can be done. You need to recognize that what you have been doing at home is ...
A stay at home mom can put a number of skills. An average mom has a 92-week working period, and performs more than 10 jobs. She has cooking skills, housekeeping ...
A Stay-at-Home-Mom may not have any 'real world' work experience, but you can certaintly list your education and any volunteer work you have done. This will help ...
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