How to Install Caps on Retaining Walls?


Retaining wall caps are the type of well-shaped stones that are used for structural use to elegantly finish a border of a hill, protecting it from breaking a nearby structure. The process of installing these caps involves; Cutting the corner stone if the wall bends at 90 degrees, Place the first capstone into position on the edge of the structure, followed by the third capstone, leaving a gap between the two that is slightly smaller than the width of a capstone in a zigzag pattern continuously then apply of adhesive to make it hold secure
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1. Set a cap on one end of your retaining wall. If the manufacturer does not make corner caps, you will notice that one of the cap's exposed edges is smooth. Make a small chalk mark
Yes, you have to cut each of the caps to the radius of the wall. I would definately do a dry run first to see how each piece fits. maybe even put a tick mark that crosses both the
1. Plan and layout the site. Plan where your retaining wall is going to be using stakes and string, leveling off to ensure an even height and using a tape measure to ensure an even
1. Measure your wall area to find the height and length. Multiply these two numbers to give you the square footage. Multiply the thickness of the wall to get the cubic foot measurement
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