What are some retirement cake sayings?


Retirement cakes are usually a centerpiece for a retirement party. It is a good item to use for the celebration of someone who may be retiring after many years of service. The sayings that are placed on the top of the retirement cake can be related to something funny, something appreciative, or even something related to the person's interest. Typically, a retirement cake would give a farewell message saying bon voyage, happy retirement, or take care.
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1. Consider any dietary restrictions your guests may have. If a reasonable number of your guests are not able to eat sugar, opt for a sugar-free variety of cake as well as a regular
"Life begins at retirement. That is what was on my
I can only think that this is a phenomenon of dialect. In my dialect, they are quite different. Cakes tend to be desserts while muffins are more a form of bread. Cake vs Muffin -
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