Retirement Quotes for Cakes?


Common retirement quotes on a cake for someone who may be leaving the workforce include different ways of saying good bye. Farewell, bon voyage, and the simple happy retirement are all common phrases one could find on a retirement cake. One could also include some of the joys of life in retirement. The cake can have a theme to it like fishing, vacationing, knitting or any other past time the person may partake in when they are retired.
Q&A Related to "Retirement Quotes for Cakes?"
1. Consider any dietary restrictions your guests may have. If a reasonable number of your guests are not able to eat sugar, opt for a sugar-free variety of cake as well as a regular
It means that you accomplished what you set out to do (the cake) and the icing is something that is above and beyond what you started out to do. It is something extra that is nice
The trouble with retirement is that you never get a day off. Thanks!
Best to write, "We'll Miss you! or some other happy theme. But.write it in big, plain block letters, and then make sure to point it out to him. *I* would!
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