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When a person is planning on going out on retirement, it is customary for others to send their well wishes. This happens more often for those who may not have much contact with the person who is retiring once they leave the company. Wishing a person well is normal protocol at a retirement party or through a greeting card. Even in person a coworker or friend may wish the person well on their new phase in life.
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The retirement of a co-worker is definitely a cause for celebration, and it gives everyone in the office a chance to chip in and share their stories. Wishing a heartfelt happy retirement
1. Determine if the retiree would enjoy a large party or prefer a small quiet gathering. Perhaps he or she would simply like to slip out the back door with little fanfare. In that
A good place to find examples of retirement wishes is in a retirement gift catalogue. There are also blogs dedicated to this subject where you can find many examples.
I know a lot of retired military. I'm ex-military myself. How to wish a retired person. what? Good morning? happy birthday? happy anniversary? good luck? bon voyage? a happy retirement
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Merri Brownworth: I've been attending lots of seminars in my retirement. They're called naps.
Hartman Jule: I'm not just retiring from the company, I'm also retiring from my stress, my commute, my alarm clock, and my iron.
Betty Sullivan: There is a whole new kind of life ahead, full of experiences just waiting to happen. Some call it "retirement." I call it bliss.
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There are several ways to wish someone a happy retirement. In a card you can write them a saying like, 'Happy days are here at last. The days of 9 to 5 are past. ...
If my boss was retiring I would say, enjoy your retirement! I would say it has been a pleasure working with you and wish you all the best. You have been an asset ...
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