Reuge Music Box?


A Reuge music box is a piece of extraordinary craftsmanship. Each music box is crafted in the traditional manner by Swiss artisans and each is made from the finest woods and materials.
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1. Lay the music box movement so that the screws are on the left side. Unscrew the top screw. 2. Insert the wire stopper between the screw and the comb. Ensure that you place the
Reuge music boxes are created by Reuge enterprises based out of Nashville, Tennessee. They range in price anywhere from $25 to $100. They make great gifts for music lovers.
A reuge Cigarette Holder and Music Box is worth about $350.
I found a similar music box on ebay with other music boxes from the same seller on the bottom of the listing. I would guess it's probably within the $10 to $40 dollar price range
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How much a Reuge music box is worth depends on the style and the condition it is in. Some music boxes are hard to find and can cost as much as $4,500 for a vintage ...
To Fix a Winding Music Box, you have to release some of the strain off the spring in case it has been wound too tight. To do this, simply wind the key in the reverse ...
The music box houses a cylinder which is rotated by a spring-driven motor and associated clockwork. On the cylinder (usually brass) there are pins that are positioned ...
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