Revealing Secret Santa?


One way you can reveal your secret Santa is to put your name on the gift. Some people don't like to ever reveal who they are. It can be a fun way to give gifts for a place of employment.
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i can't tell nothing must be reveiled. (and merry christmas! HOHOHO!
Secret Santa is a game played around Christmastime. Everyone signs up for it and pulls a name out of a hat. You then have to buy a gift for the person you picked. You don't tell anyone
1. Study your target. Do they have a favorite candy? Do they have a collection? Start your Secret Santa mission by interviewing fellow co-workers or family members to find fun and
1 Write the names of everyone participating on a piece of paper. If the group is larger and people don't know each other that well, it is a good idea to get people to write their
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