Revelation Rifles?


The Revelation Western Auto bolt-action .22 rifle was made by Marlin for Western Auto. The rifles were manufactured by Marlin from 1971-1988. The weapon was designed to fire .22 short, long and long rifle cartridges.
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Up to 100 USD
Claire Redfield can obtain the sniper rifle from Alfred once
Your Revelation 101 is a house branded Savage 73. All the big gunmakers produced hardware and mail order rifles under House brands for years. That little single shot may be worth
It is the same as a Mossberg 800A. However the store brand versions of rifles and shotguns find essentially no collector market. There are a very few Sears/J.C. Higgins collectors
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The Revelation 22 Rifle was manufactured by many companies. Among them were Western Auto, who gave Revelation its store name. Then there was Winchester Co. Mossberg ...
Western Auto Supply was a company more known as Western Auto. It was started in 1909 and sold 1961, which lead to its end in 2003 by a merge, resulted after the ...
The Revelation 330A series were shotguns, though some had rifled barrels, and sold by Western Auto but made by Mossberg. The 330 line was sold in the late 1960 ...
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