How do you clean Revere Ware cookware?


To clean Revere Ware cookware, you will want to use soap and water. Always use an acrylic scrubbing type sponge. You can use polishes on the metal parts, such as the copper.
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1. Allow cookware to cool to room temperature before washing it. Adding water to hot pots can cause the pots to warp and weaken. 2. Wash Revere Ware after each use with hot, soapy Later ,after Corning bought Revere Copper and Brass in Clinton IL , they sold the plant and moved it to Indonesia . They removed all
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How to Clean Revere Ware
Revere Ware is a brand of pots, pans, cookware, and bakeware, currently manufactured by Corning Consumer Products, Inc. Many Revere Ware pieces feature stainless steel lids and copper-clad bottoms. Revere Ware is also available as heavy gauge aluminum... More »
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