Reverse a Perm?


A reverse perm is performed by washing the hair and applying a coconut oil treatment or similar relaxer. This will allow the hair to return to its natural state.
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1. Wash hair immediately if you believe your hair is too curly after a home perm. The washing relaxes the perm and a deep conditioning treatment over the following couple of days
In a reverse perm, permanent waving solution is combed through the hair repeatedly from
THE PROCESS Thermal Reconditioning is a chemical process that changes the structure of the hair, making it totally straight. The chemical products are done in conjunction with straightening
Rene, Often, a reverse perm is done simply by combing perm lotion through the hair to loosen the curl. I don't agree with this method at all. Although it does loosen curl, it also
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Reversing a Perm
Reversing a perm requires shampooing the hair right away, applying a warm coconut oil treatment or using a straightening iron to relax the curl over time. Loosen and relax a perm to reverse its effects with beauty tips from a professional hairstylist in... More »
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If you know you don't like the perm in the first 24 hours of getting the perm there is one thing that you can do. You can take a shower and that will reverse perm ...
To remove a hair perm, most will suggest to simply cut off the permed portion of the hair or apply a chemical straightening which may reverse it, but also may ...
Bad perm solutions are a process reversing a bad hair-do which may lead to hair breakage. A bad perm can be frustrating, but whether you're dissatisfied with the ...
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