How do you revive a wilted plant?


In order to revive a wilted plant, a gardener needs to first determine the cause of the wilting and then act accordingly, by watering the plant or exposing it to more sunlight. Often too much water can be as much a cause of wilt as too little water.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, plants wilt for a variety of reasons, such as improper watering, poor lighting, pests and mildew, making the solutions just as varied. If soil is sticky, then the soil is too moist, and the gardener needs to water the plant less. If wilt occurs due to the plant not receiving enough water, than a gardener needs to slowly moisten the soil. Sometimes it is necessary to place the potted plant in water for no more than 10 minutes. Often the soil itself is faulty and chronically dry, requiring the plant to be re-potted in better soil. There are special polymers available that a gardener can add to the soil to help it to retain moisture.

In order to revive a plant that has fallen victim to mildew and pests, a gardener needs to treat the plant with fungicide or insecticide. Mildew leaves a powdery white growth or deposit on leaves. Insect infestations are more obvious on the undersides of leaves where mites or aphids feed.

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How to Revive a Wilted Plant
Whether potted or clustered in a vase, plants bring life and brightness to any room or décor. However, when those plants begin to wilt, they can be depressing. They no longer give your space a fresh feel and, what's more, potted plants only wilt... More »
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