Revolts in the Philippines?


The early revolts in the Philippines were against the Spanish government. They wanted to re-establish the powers of the tribal chiefs. Most of the revolts failed.
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the early filipinos
During the Jap. occ. of the country, the PKP's Huks, a anti- Japanese guerilla
Contra Hispaniam es? Aut contra Britanniam atque Europam es? Aut contra homines et vitas es? Cur? Tu amorem non habes? Ama Filipinas o amice!
Francisco Dagohoy. It lasted for 85 years (1744-1829). Francisco Dagohoy rose in rebellion because a Jesuit priest refused to give his brother, Sagarino, a Christian burial as he
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Resistance, revolutions and revolts in any country can lead to many people getting hurt needlessly. Many people find it necessary to revolt in order for their ...
The main thing that caused the resistance and revolution in the Philippines was the corrupt government. The government was widely known for it's corrupt activities ...
During the Spanish colonial period in the Philippines, there were several revolts . The Dayami Revolt was in the island of Mactan, in 1567. The Lakandula was an ...
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