Overall, Rewardtv is rated a 3. Some opinions made complained about the rewards being few and far between. Others thought it to be an easy way to be rewarded.
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I've been using reward TV for 2 years now and it works fine i've gotten a 5$ BK gift card with free shipping along with a 10$ amazon gift card and more.
This has to be the biggest rip I've seen in a long time. You'll notice that the only positive comments are posted years ago. Take a look at the fools that promote them. These people
As its name would suggest, RewardTV is a website that rewards you for watching TV. More specifically, the way the site works is this: for each prime-time program on a major network
Watch your favorite TV shows. Play fun trivia games about the TV shows you watched yesterday. Earn Points for questions you answer correctly. Use your Points for great prizes.
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