Ribs Hurt When I Breathe?


People often experience pain and their ribs hurt when they breathe. This can be symptomatic of a heart attack or it can be the result of a lesser problem such as a stitch in the side after running. People who play sports or have fallen recently may have an undiagnosed rib fracture. Pericarditis is an inflammation of the sac around the heart that can cause pain in this area. Costochondritis is another potential cause as it can cause an inflammation of the connecting cartilage or the rib itself. Pain from pleurisy occurs when inhaling as it compresses the inflamed pleural areas around the lungs. Swelling in the costal cartilage is called Tietze syndrome and will also cause the ribs to hurt while breathing.
Q&A Related to "Ribs Hurt When I Breathe?"
Please see a doctor right away. Could be broken ribs, collapsed
IT sounds like a broken or fractured rib. It will probably heal on it's own. Source(s): I had a cracked rib from coughing too hard
Then you could have a cracked or broken rib. You should seek medical attention.
It can be pneumonia , pleurisy,.broken ribs , pulled muscle and several other things. All would need a Doctor opinion. Hope it is nothing serious.
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