What Is a Preferable Rice to Water Ratio for a Rice Cooker?


When preparing rice you have to estimate the right amount of water to add for the rice to cook. Most people usually make a 1 to 2 ratio for the rice and water respectively, meaning for every mugful of rice, you add 2 mugs of water. Other people measure the ratio with the finger knuckles, they put rice in the pan and add water to reach the first knuckle of their index finger from the surface of the rice in the pan.
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Put rice into pan. Fill with water until the water comes
i do 1 cup if rice to 2 cups of water. ratio= 1:2 1 rice 2 water. Above is generally good for 1 cup of rice, but it depends. How are you cooking it: pressure cooker or rice steamer?
its always said to put double the quantity of water while cooking rice. but then u can adjust the water depending on the quality of the rice. if its old then better to put in slightly
Things You'll Need. Dish soap. Hot water. Wash cloths. Cleaning spray (optional). Sandpaper (optional). Instructions. Unplug the cooker and wait until the temperature cools. Empty
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The Rice-to-Water Ratio for a Rice Cooker
It's always important to use the proper rice-to-water ratio when using a rice cooker. Learn about the correct rice-to-water ratio for a rice cooker with help from the co-founder and corporate chef of Goose Valley Natural Foods in this free video clip.... More »
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