How Much Are Richard Petty Long Neck Unopened Pepsi Bottles Worth?


The worth of a Richard Petty longneck unopened Pepsi bottle can vary depending on its condition. As of December 2012, a bottle in good condition sells for $4.99. A person may ask for more if they feel their item is rare.
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only worth what someone is willing to pay .at a yardsale.2.00 ebay maybe & 5.00 but then you have to deal with shipping.
A 1967 long neck Richard
They are basically worthless. Most of them on eBay are not taking any bids. One lot of FIVE sold for only .99 cents. Another lot of 6 only sold for a quarter. OUCH! These kinds of
How much are they worth I have a six pack of Shaq Attack Pepsi, the years were 1993 and 1994 and they're long neck Pepsi bottles, on
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