Richland Arms Co?


The Richland Arms Company, located in Blissfield MI, was founded by Thomas Hougland. He was owner of the Richland Fur Company, a 92 year fur coat manufacturer also located in Blissfield.
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Richland Arms Company was in Blissfield, Michigan from 1960 until 1983. Founded by Thomas Hoagland of Richland Furs after a trip to visit to the gun factories in Spain and Italy.
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Your Richland Arms Company Reproduction Cap & Ball Revolver was imported/distributed by Richland Arms Company, Blissfield, Michigan 49228. They went out of business in 1986.Your
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The quality of revolvers that the Richland Arms Company in Blissfield, Michigan sold was high quality. They are known for lasting years. Sadly, the company went ...
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