How to Get Rid of Bag Worms on Pine Trees?


You can get rid of a bag worm by examining the evergreen trees and bushes in your yard for signs of bagworms.Remove off as many bags that you may see and wear gloves to protect your hands. Drowning them in water so that they dont climb back on the tree.Spray the trees and bushes with a pesticide that is recommended.
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1. Examine the evergreen trees and bushes in your yard for signs of bagworms. If you see small things about 2 inches long suspended from branches that look like pinecones yet have
While burining works it is not the best method over all because the worms will return again and again. It can also be dangerous if you choose not to cut the branches to be burned
Use Diazinon, it is very strong and must be used with care, and
If the worms look like they are in a bag--kind of a web--then, you have to gather them into a plastic bag (spray the inside with pesticide), seal and toss it into the garbage. If
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How to Get Rid of Tree Bag Worms
Bagworms are a destructive pest that infect ornamental trees and shrubs. They get their name from the cocoon-like bags that they live in that hang down from tree limbs. In mid-summer, the eggs hatch inside the bag; in some worm varieties, the male moth... More »
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In order to get rid of bag worms on pine trees you need to start when the hatch in May. Spray insecticide on the larvae. It works best when they are small and ...
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