Why Pain in Lower Right Abdomen and Right Testicle?


A number of medical reasons might be the cause of pain both in the lower right abdomen and the right testicle. Inguinal hernias, testicular torsion, and epididymitis are all cause for concern and require prompt medical attention.
Q&A Related to "Why Pain in Lower Right Abdomen and Right Testicle"
I believe this might be Orchitis which is the inflammation of a testicle with swelling and pain that can extend to the inguinal region and lower back. the cause is usually an infection
Infection Infection in the testicles can cause pain. The most common types of infection in the testicles are epididymitis and orchitis. In epididymitis, the testicle ducts, which
That could be a number of those so please go to the doctor if the pain worsens or does
A common pain in the testicle usually in young men is tortion where the testicle actually twists on the cord. This can cause terrible pain and can be an emergency as the blood supply
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