How to Choose a Ripe Pomegranate?


There are three main ways to pick a ripe pomegranate. Heavier pomegranates have juicier arils, so make sure you weigh some and pick the heaviest. A darker or deep red will have a sweeter flavor than the lighter colors which are more tart. If its skin is cracked, it may be that it is past its maturity.
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Pomegranates resemble apples, but are typically smaller in size. In actuality, they are berries that ripen in August or September. They have a tough outer skin and are filled with
Pomegranates are ripe when the skin is a crimson color. The fruit should feel heavy
Pomegranates are picked ripe, so those that you see in the stores are ripe and ready to go. They can be a real messy pain in the butt. Believe me, that juice will get all over EVERYTHING
a deep ruby red.
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They are always ripe if purchasing at a store and keep in mind that the heavier the fruit, the juicier it will be. If picking from a tree, usually when they are ...
Making pomegranate juice requires an excellent blender or a juicer. First begin with about five ripe pomegranates that are peeled to remove the skin on the outside ...
1. Score around the outer hull of a fully ripe pomegranate, using the paring knife. Crack the pomegranate open and scoop out the seeds into a bowl, using the tip ...
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