How long does it takes for your cervix to heal after an abortion?


After a surgical abortion, it takes the cervix two to three weeks to heal fully, according to Summit Medical Center. During this time, there is a greater risk of infection, so patients must take necessary precautions.

The Summit Medical Center says that women must avoid vaginal penetration while healing takes place. Tampons, douching, vaginal sprays or suppositories, sex toys and sexual intercourse must all be avoided. Avoidance of swimming, hot tubs and bathtubs is also recommended to prevent the introduction of outside bacteria into the vaginal canal.

Bleeding and cramping after an abortion vary from woman to woman and last from a few hours to a few weeks after the procedure, Summit Medical Center notes. Sanitary pads and panty liners may be used as well as over-the-counter pain medication. Heavy lifting and strenuous exercise must be avoided, but many women can return to work and normal daily activities within a day or two of the abortion.

After the two to three week healing period, Summit strongly recommends returning to the gynecologist for a follow-up visit. During this visit, the doctor performs a pelvic exam, pregnancy test and ultrasound to confirm that the abortion was successful and that healing is completed.

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