Which roach bomb brand works on roaches?


Roach bombs are made to help rid an infested home of roaches. Some popular brands that are said to work are Bio Spot and Black Flag. They can be purchased in stores like Target and Walmart and online at sites like Nextag.
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1. Select a bug bomb that lists cockroaches as one of the types of bugs it kills. 2. Turn off any fans in your attic. Close all windows or doors. Turn off all lights. 3. Set a chair
A roach bomb is a spherical collection of butts from marijuana cigarettes, wrapped in rolling papers, to be set on fire & the smoke inhaled to get high. Not to be confused with
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no fogger is best used for roaches.I would get the Combat gel bait in the syringe, place it out where the roaches thrive, place out more if needed, it will probably take a couple
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