Robert Millikan's Oil Drop Experiment?


Oil drop experiment was an experiment that was carried out by a Robert Millikan. The experiment involved the balancing of gravitational drag and the upward pull of suspended oil droplets. The droplets are suspended on double metal electrodes.
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In this method oil droplets in the form of mist was produced by an atomiser and they were allowed to enter through a tiny hole in the upper plate of electrical condenser.The downward
The purpose of Robert Millikan's oil drop was to
None of the above. Millikan's oil drop experiment measured the charge of an electron.
Millikan's oil drop experiment measured the charge of the electron. How the Oil Drop Experiment Worked. The original experiment was performed in 1909 by Robert Millikan and Harvey
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Robert Millikan's primary contribution to atomic theory came as a result of his oil-drop experiment, which measured an electron's charge. Previously, J.J. Thomson ...
Millikan's Atomic Theory states that the mass of an electron is at least 1000 times smaller than the smallest atom. He came to this conclusion through the oil-drop ...
The oil drop experiment proved that in measuring the electric charge of an electron, the charge can only assume certain fixed values. The smallest value was found ...
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