Rock Deposited by a Glacier?


Glacial drift is the deposit of rock debris left behind by moving glaciers and glacial melt waters. After the glaciers have melted, the rocks left behind are scattered anywhere. Rocks may be dropped in place by the melting ice; they may be rolled to the ice margins, or they may be deposited by melt water streams.
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Moraine, a formation composed of unsorted rock and
Also known as turbidite, rock deposits are sandy sediments that form at the bottom of the sea floor. The sandy, sedimentary rock runs coarse along the ocean's surface, becoming finer
( ′räk ¦glā·shər ′krēp ) (geology) A rapid talus creep of tongues of debris in a cold region, caused by the expansive force of the alternate
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Ridges of Rock Debris Formed by a Moving Glacier are called moraine. They can also be formed when he ice front advances and bulldozes the sand and gravel of an ...
The sedimentary rock formed from sand deposits is referred to as "sandstone." This type of rock accounts for about one-quarter of all sedimentary rock ...
Sedimentary rocks are formed by the deposition of mud, clay, sand and other small particles on the surface of the Earth. Sedimentation can occur in many different ...
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