Who sings the song "Rock Me Mama Like a Wagon Wheel?"


"Wagon Wheel" was recorded in 2003 by Ketch Secor of the group "Old Crow Medicine Show." Several others have covered the song since, including Blues artist Matt Anderson, Jeremy McComb, Mumford & Sons, Nathan Carter and Darius Rucker.

The song was originally done by Bob Dylan in 1972 but was then discarded after it failed to make

a cut. The lyrics tell the story of a hitchhiking journey along the eastern coast from New England, south to Raleigh, where the vocalist hopes to see his lover. The song earned platinum status from the Record Industry Association of America in April 2013.

Q&A Related to "Who sings the song "Rock Me Mama Like a Wagon..."
Riding in an old conestoga wagon was a rocking motion. And Darius Rucker and Old Crow Medicine Show may have sung this, but Bob Dylan wrote it. It's what HE meant.
Old Crow Medicine Show!!! Love that song, it's called "Wagon Wheel". I'm from Raleigh, lots of local bands here cover it.
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