Rocker Arm Adjustment?


The way that a rocker arm is adjusted will vary by the type of vehicle that it is installed on. Typically it will involve loosening the rocker arm adjustment nuts to enable movement of the rocker arm. Once these nuts are loosened, the rocker arm should be able to be moved. The exact tension that should be applied to the rocker arm comes down to preference of the user. There should be no clanging noise, as this is a sign of metal on metal, but beyond that the preference for the rocker arm adjustment comes down to the user and the desired vehicle performance.
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I am assuming this for a hydraulic valvetrain. There is hot lashing, and then there is cold lashing. Hot Lash (this will make a mess)- With the motor running loosen the rocker arm
The lifters are hydraulic and there's no way to adjust them except by replacing the effected lifter. Source(s): Alignment, suspension and brake shop.
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Rocker arm adjustment is something that a car owner with a little experience with tools and cars can do on their own. It is best and safer to do this with the ...
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non adjustable rockers only unless you bought aftermarket roller rockers in which case they are just like Chevy rockers to adjust. buy a new set that's the only ...
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