Rocketmail Account?


You can create a Rocketmail account the same way that you would a Yahoo! account. Instead of choosing, you choose when signing up. You still have to enter all of the same kind of user information that you would if you were creating a standard Yahoo! account, though.
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1. Launch an Internet browser and navigate to the Yahoo homepage (See Resources) 2. Click the "Sign Up" link and fill out the registration form. 3. Enter your name, gender
Hello Vinod, Please see the following Help article: "Closing your Yahoo! account"…. I hope this helps!
Rocketmail is just a version of Yahoo Mail. Just go to Yahoo Mail and on the sign .
This article should help you configure your Rocketmail account with Outlook 2007:… For more Office resources check out
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Go To: Yahoo!
Yahoo! Inc. is an American computer services company with a mission to "be the most essential global Internet service for consumers and businesses". It operates an Internet portal, the Yahoo! Directory and a host of other services… More>>
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